Our Mission Statement

To help heal the world using sound, light and vibration. To share love, light, and sound which permeates and penetrates everything throughout the entire universe.

To see a world that reconnects to the light within, the voice within, the love within, and the healing within. We believe that we are here on this planet to spread the healing power of love through our performances, music and guided meditations.

Our passion and intention is in creating healing sound lightscapes that assist you in experiencing deeper levels of inner relaxation, clarity and a true sense of the innate healing potential we are all born with.

Come be invigorated and rejuvenate in the healing power of sound, light, vibration and frequency.
Our soundscape performances and product offerings provide for a heightened awareness, yet natural sense of deep, soothing relaxation and healing renewal for your mind, body, heart, and spirit. A cellular rejuvenation that awakens and activates new connections through the use of  sound and vibratory frequencies.

Blessings, peace in love and light,
Rick Bastine, David Michael, Robert McCormick & John Walkingstar Martinez
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