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Sees The Day is proud to introduce Nite Nite Baby.


The intention of Nite Nite Baby is to foster the body, mind, spirit connection between mom and baby through all stages of development.


This listening experience is well suited for the entire family. The purpose of Nite Nite Baby is to focus on the heart, brain interaction between parent and child.


The Energetic Heart Connection:


Current scientific research shows that moms and babies can instantly synchronize their hearts just by smiling at each other. This is something that we have all intuitively known for centuries. It’s just now that preliminary scientific findings are confirming it.


Based on our understanding of research from Heart Math and other scientific sources, we have created soothing tones and musical sounds that support the energetic heart connection and the interaction of heart and brain between mom and baby.


Here are some interesting links that you may find of interest:

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Suggested Uses:
For best results play at a low volume.

1. Stress Relief: Play for 15 to 30 minutes during stressful times

2. Relaxation: Listen as you breathe for 15 to 30 minutes

3. Sleep aide: Put on repeat at a low volume just before bed.

4. Background music for nurseries: Play on repeat a low volume level.

5. Meditation: A great tool to facilitate a deeper meditative state

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