For centuries sound has played a vital role in the development of humankind.  In ancient times, sound was the catalyst for communication as well as for healing.  Join us as we explore and share the healing power of Sacred Sounds of The Southwest.

This forty eight minute group of recordings blends the natural harmonics of singing crystal bowls, Native American flutes and the elemental sounds of nature.

Performers include: Rick Bastine on crystal singing bowls accompanied by .two very special guests. John "Walking Star" Martinez and Hyda Maria Dougherty, playing Native American flutes.

Production, recording, editing and mastering by Robert McCormick and David Tardy of Sees The Day Sound Healing.

Track Listing:

1. Rain Song - 19:26 - flute by John "Walking Star" Martinez

2. Morning Sky - 6:30 - flutes: John "Walking Star Martinez & Hyda Maria Dougherty

3. Inner Journey - 7:33 - flutes: John "Walking Star Martinez & Hyda Maria Dougherty

4. The Dance - 5:24 - flutes: John "Walking Star Martinez & Hyda Maria Dougherty

5. One Universe - 9:20 - flutes by John "Walking Star Martinez & Hyda Maria Dougherty

Total Time: 48 Minutes


Suggested Uses:
For best results play at a low volume.

1. Stress Relief: Play for 15 to 30 minutes during stressful times

2. Relaxation: Listen as you breathe for 15 to 30 minutes

3. Sleep aide: Put on repeat at a low volume just before bed.

4. Meditation: A great tool to facilitate a deeper meditative state

Robert McCormick

Rick Bastine

 David Tardy

John "Walking Star" Martinez

Hyda Maria Dougherty
Photo by Phillip Haozous


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